Environmental Awareness and Sustainability


The environment and nature are dear to our hearts

The unique location of our hotel is a gift, which we as hosts are well aware of. A responsible attitude to nature and the available resources is the order of the day for us. Sustainability is always taken into consideration when making business decisions, so that the unique nature of our holiday paradise is preserved for future generations. We wish to use our natural environment and improve and preserve for coming generations. “Sustainable” and “viable in the future” are our key words when it comes to business decisions and investments. We constantly endeavour to reconcile the well-being of our guests with the preservation of nature.

At the Hotel Schneider the combination of sustainability and luxury is convincing. We set great store by a high standard of quality and an affinity to nature and therefore promote a responsible use of resources. As our guest you of course enjoy the best.


We think ahead

Here is a short list of our sustainable measures. Hereby we contribute to a reduction in CO² emission and preserve our wonderful natural surroundings.


We have insulated our hotel according to the latest thermal insulation findings. Our energy source is the biomass heating plant built in 2004, which supplies 90 % of all businesses in Obertauern. The wood chips used are mainly supplied by regional farmers. We also supply the biomass heating plant from our own forest. Our electricity is supplied by the local electricity company Salzburg AG. Here eco-friendly electricity is produced by local hydropower.

Energy saving

All rooms are equipped with a main electricity-off switch. Thus all electricity sources can be easily switched off in one go.

Water and sewage

Our drinking water comes from a variety of local high alpine springs and is channeled into the waterpipe network untreated. Water throughout the whole hotel is of the highest drinking water quality. Our own spring is used to cool our refrigeration units. Water is piped through a cooling system and rechanneled back to the natural water cycle. Our sewage is centrally transported to Radstadt to a large purification plant to be filtered.

Sustainable management

For our most recent investments and building projects, we have used, where possible, materials and services from companies in the surrounding area. Thus the new rooms are furnished using local swiss pine and woollen materials from the region.


For many years now we have ensured:

  • deliveries of food are in reusable boxes to reduce waste.
  • short delivery routes.
  • a functioning refuse separation system to reduce a waste of recyclabe packaging.
  • all kitchen waste is collected and recycled into energy in a biogas plant.
  • well-serviced dosage units for cleaning fluids in the laundry, housekeeping, kitchen and swimming pool departments reducing environmental damage.

Our staff are accommodated in our staff house next to the hotel. Transport is not required to get to work. Cars are parked in the underground car park and do not pollute the environment.

Our own farm

Our farm is located in Radstadt at an altitude of 860 m. The “Hintergottschallgut” is a grassland farm with dairy cows and forest and alpine pastures. We have dedicated our livestock breeding to the preservation of the traditional breed of cattle, the “Pinzgauer Rind”. Our hotel is supplied daily with fresh milk from our own farm. Most of the veal and beef comes from our farm too. The animals are up on the alpine pastures in summer, where they eat nutritional alpine herbs and have plenty of exercise. Conniosseurs rave about the excellent quality of the finely-marbled Pinzgau alpine beef.


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