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Tisch wird gedeckt im Hotel Schneider

People say a lot of good things
about our cuisine…

… all of which is true.

One part of you will be particularly pleased that you are on holiday at Hotel Schneider, and that is your palate. Because with the gourmet half board we spoil it from morning to night. That is no exaggeration, after all, the sweet day will begin with a sumptuous breakfast buffet and then culminates into a five-course set meal with a choice of four main courses.

We place particular emphasis
on sustainability

  • Wiener Schnitzel im Hotel Schneider
  • Hotel-Schneider-Obertauern-Image-0700
  • Hotel-Schneider-Obertauern-Image-0611
  • Hotel-Schneider-Obertauern-Image-0547
  • Kaiserschmarren im Hotel Schneider
  • Frühstück im Hotel Schneider
  • Frühstück im Hotel Schneider
  • Frühstück im Hotel Schneider
  • Einblick in die Küche

That’s why the products come from our own farm, the Gut Hintergottschall in Radstadt, whenever possible – and you can really taste it. We were awarded the AMA Gastrosiegel for our fresh food preparation and the use of regional raw materials. However, it is not only your palate that will be pleased with your time at Hotel Schneider, but also your whole body and above all: your heart. But that is another story …

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“No Indulgence is temporary, for the impression it leaves is lasting.”