Moments of pleasure

Massage Treatments

Spa in Obertauern

Take a little time for your own beauty and satisfaction. Treat yourself and boost your energy levels with a variety of excellent treatments. Consider what really counts. Savour enjoyable days and unforgettable moments. Let us pamper you with relaxing treatments and massages.

We recommend to book appointments in advance of your stay as there is a high demand for treatments.

Please make an appointment in advance:
+43 6456 73140 or [email protected]



Full body massage

Full body massage to loosen and relax the entire musculature, increase blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.

approx. 50 min   EUR 75,00

Partial body massage

Please inform your massage therapist which part of the body you would like to be massaged.

approx. 25 min   EUR 45,00

Special neck massage

Ideal for pain, tension and movement restriction in the neck. Using special movements the neck and shoulder muscles are relieved and movement improved. To finish your neck is rubbed with Chin Min for additional relaxation.

approx. 25 min   EUR 45,00

Foot reflex massage

The whole body is mirrored on the soles of the feet and this type of massage relieves blockades and improves organ and tissue function.

approx. 25 min   EUR 45,00

Combined massage

Back and reflexology foot massage.

approx. 50 min   EUR 79,00

lymphatic drainage

Has a draining, purifying and detoxifying effect on the body and has a strong relaxing and calming effect.

approx. 25 min   EUR 45,00 (face only)
approx. 50 min   EUR 75,00


Energetic back massage with warm St. John’s wort oil. The spine is stretched, mental and physical tensions are relieved and the regeneration of undernourished spinal discs is induced.

approx. 25 min   EUR 45,00

Kids Treatment

Kids Massage up to 14 years

We do a light massage of the legs and back. Our little guests lie on their tummies during the treatment.

approx. 20 min   EUR 38,00

Spa Etiquette

Booking of treatments

We recommend to book your treatments before arrival, to respect your requests. For advices and appointments you can contact us:
+43 6456 73140. Or please send us an e-mail with your wishes: [email protected]

Before your treatment

Please appear about 5 minutes before your appointment and take place next to the wellness reception. You will be picked up from your therapist.

Dress code

Please appear in your bathrobe with terry slippers, which we provide in your room, without clothes – only with slip. During the treatment you will be protected with linen and towels, so you still enjoy your privacy sphere.


Please understand that we have to keep the booked schedules.


If you are not able to take the booked treatment we kindly ask to cancel 24 hours before. Otherwise we have to charge 100 % of the rate.

Your health and your well-being are important for us

Please let us know if you have got any allergies or any special pain to assume your needs. Please inform your therapist about your preferences about ambient temperature, volume of music, and the strength of massage to treat you perfect.

Silence & rest

Our wellness residence is a location of silence & relaxing. We kindly ask to respect to talk gentle and to avoid mobile phones. The no-clothing area is open to teens over the age of 14 years. Thank you for your understanding.

We kindly ask you not to enter our spa residence with outdoor shoes. Our luggage room can be used as changing room.