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Massage and Cosmetic Treatments

Spa in Obertauern

Take a little time for your own beauty and satisfaction. Treat yourself and boost your energy levels with a variety of excellent treatments. Consider what really counts. Savour enjoyable days and unforgettable moments. Let us pamper you with relaxing treatments and massages.

We recommend to book appointments in advance of your stay as there is a high demand for treatments.

Please make an appointment in advance:
+43 6456 73140 or



Schneider’s pamper massage

Enjoy a full body aroma oil massage with aroma oil.

Ca. 50 min   EUR   89,00

Ca. 80 min   EUR 125,00

Full body massage

Full body massage to loosen and relax the entire musculature, increase blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.

Ca. 50 min   EUR 82,00

Partial body massage

Feel free to inform your therapist of a body part you would like to focus on.

Ca. 25 min   EUR 49,00

New: Alpienne Swiss pine tree massage

Warm Swiss pine wood is used in this massage in various forms. The warmth of the pine in combination with Swiss pine massage oil are absorbed deep into the muscle layers, enhancing circulation and encouraging the flow of energy as well as releasing tension and blockades. As the stress levels lower, you will notice more flexibility in joints and muscles.

Ca. 50 min          EUR   90,00

Mud-back treatment

Pure regeneration for muscles and joints. The natural help for painful tension, chronic joint and spinal diseases, rheumatism and for pain relief.

  • 25 min mudpack including head- or feet massage
  • 25 min back/neck massage

Ca. 50 min             EUR 85,00

Ear candle treatment

This treatment is highly effective and gentle for areas such as the head, frontal sinus and the ears as well as for general wellbeing. Perfect against: stress, tinnitus, cold and headache. Incl. facial lymph drainage.

Ca. 50 min              EUR 83,00

New: Thai Massages

King Thai Massage

In a combination of gentle movement, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, energy work and meditation, the muscles are gently stretched and strengthened, the spine is relieved, the lymph flow is stimulated and breathing is deepened. The power and energy inherent in people are activated and used to find their way back to a state of harmony. The Thai royal massage is traditionally performed without oil (in comfortable clothing).

Ca. 50 min     EUR     93,00
Ca. 80 min     EUR   129,00

Thai aromatic oil massage

High-quality oils are enriched with pure, essential additives in exotic scents and massaged into the skin with stroking movements. The aromatic oil massage combines skin care with deep relaxation in a pleasant way to create a fragrant experience for all the senses.

Ca. 50 min       EUR     89,00
Ca. 80 min       EUR   125,00

Thai back massage

Special massage movements are applied to those places where tense muscles are found. Already during the treatment, tension and stiffness are noticeably reduced, blood circulation is improved and a general feeling of well-being occurs.

Ca. 25 min         EUR   49,00
Ca. 50 min         EUR   82,00

Thai head and face massage

Relaxing face and head massage combined with acupressure technique in the neck area. During the massage, the scalp is supplied with blood, which promotes mental regeneration. A feeling of deep relaxation arises.

Ca. 25 min            EUR   49,00
Ca. 50 min            EUR   82,00

Thai foot massage

Tense muscles are loosened by intensive stroking, pressure and tapping movements on the feet and calves. Feet and legs feel refreshed and light.

Ca. 25 min             EUR   49,00

Facial Treatments

Naturally Classic

… for face, neck and décolleté, tailor-made to suit your skin type. Cleansing, peeling, skin-specific pack, massage, moisturizing to finish

Ca. 50 min   EUR 86,00
Ca. 80 min   EUR 119,00

Fountain of Youth

The skin becomes visibly smoother and the contours firmer, more youthful and radiant. It looks even and fine-pored. The facial contours are noticeably firmer. This premium care is an effective, unforgettable experience for your skin.

Ca. 80 min.     EUR 139,00

Refreshing Facial Treatment

Face massage with cleaning and ampule – individual for your skin.

Ca. 25 min       EUR 45,00

Magic Moments

A pleasurable treatment to light up your eyes. The intensive moisturizing eye mask performs magic in a short space of time and gives your eyes a fresh appearance.

Ca. 25 min         EUR 46,00

Facial Lymph Drainage

Drains and detoxes the tissues and has a relaxing and calming effect.

Ca. 25 min   EUR 45,00

Facial Treatment Men

A successful combination of revitalising skincare with convincing effectiveness targeted at demanding male skin. A deeply effective massage for face, head, back of the neck and shoulders. The result: a groomed appearance and wellbeing

Ca. 55 min.     EUR 89,00

Hands & Feet

Classic manicure

Ca. 50 min    EUR 62,00

Manicure with nail vanish

… for magic hands. Nail care, nail painting, Mavala Lack to go and hand massage.

Ca. 55 min       EUR 72,00

Manicure de luxe

… for glamorous hands. Classical manicure, special hand pack in a paraffin bath

Ca. 50 min         EUR 69,00

Express manicure

… small but beautiful. Nail shaping and protection care

Ca. 25 min            EUR 45,00


Exclusive care of your feet especially for your need. Feet bath and -peeling, final care and feet massage.

Ca. 50 min             EUR 69,00

Pedicure with nail polish

Mavala nail polish to go

Ca. 65 min                EUR 79,00

Beauty Service (during treatments)

Eyebrow shaping                             EUR 15,00

Eyebrow tinting                               EUR 15,00

Eyelash tinting                                 EUR 24,00

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting         EUR 35,00

New: lash lifting                               EUR 89,00

Hair Removal with Hot Wax

Full legs                                     EUR 61,00

Lower legs                                 EUR 39,00

Chin & upper lip                       EUR 20,00

Armpits                                      EUR 39,00


Boys & Girls 5 – 12 years

Kids Massage

Ca. 25 min        EUR 39,00

Cool Nails Manicure or pedicure

Your nails will be filed and polished, hand or foot massage and on request nail varnish.

Ca. 25 min         EUR 42,00

Kids facial treatment

The treatment is specially tailored for the kids’ skin.

Ca. 25 min           EUR 39,00

Teens 13 – 16 years

Chill Out Massage

This gentle massage is calming and relaxing.

Ca. 25 min              EUR 42,00

Facial treatment for teens

The treatment is specially tailored for the youth skin.

Ca. 25 min                EUR 46,00

Ca. 50 min                EUR 67,00

Acne treatment

Especially for young blemished skin. Cleaning and peeling, skin impurities are removed, special pack, final care and instructions.

Ca. 50 min                 EUR 75,00

Spa Etiquette

Booking of treatments

We recommend to book your treatments before arrival, to respect your requests. For advices and appointments you can contact us:
+43 6456 73140. Or please send us an e-mail with your wishes:

Before your treatment

Please appear about 5 minutes before your appointment and take place next to the wellness reception. You will be picked up from your therapist.

Dress code

Please appear in your bathrobe with terry slippers (if you didn’t bring your own, we provide them at the hotel reception), without clothes – only with slip. During the treatment you will be protected with linen and towels, so you still enjoy your privacy sphere.


Please understand that we have to keep the booked schedules.


If you are not able to take the booked treatment we kindly ask to cancel 24 hours before. Otherwise we have to charge 100 % of the rate.

Your health and your well-being are important for us

Please let us know if you have got any allergies or any special pain to assume your needs. Please inform your therapist about your preferences about ambient temperature, volume of music, and the strength of massage to treat you perfect.

Silence & rest

Our wellness residence is a location of silence & relaxing. We kindly ask to respect to talk gentle and to avoid mobile phones. The no-clothing area is open to teens over the age of 14 years. Thank you for your understanding.

We kindly ask you not to enter our spa residence with outdoor shoes. Our luggage room can be used as changing room.

Please be aware that prices might change