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Familie Schneider im Hotel Schneider, Obertauern

We think ahead


Environmental awareness
and sustainability

The unique location of our hotel is a gift, which we as hosts are well aware of. A responsible attitude to nature and the available resources is the order of the day for us. Sustainability is always taken into consideration when making business decisions, so that the unique nature of our holiday paradise is preserved for future generations. We wish to use our natural environment and improve and preserve for coming generations. “Sustainable” and “viable in the future” are our key words when it comes to business decisions and investments. We constantly endeavour to reconcile the well-being of our guests with the preservation of nature.

At the Hotel Schneider the combination of sustainability and luxury is convincing. We set great store by a high standard of quality and an affinity to nature and therefore promote a responsible use of resources. As our guest you of course enjoy the best.

We care

Because it is of great importance to us

We value excellent quality, being close to nature. Here is a small list of our sustainable measures which we have in place. In this way, we contribute to CO₂ savings and preserve our beautiful nature for future generations.

Did you know that our farm is almost 1,000 years old and is still farmed by us today?
Experience the
interaction between
sustainability and luxury