Swiss pine – King of the Alps

You’ll sleep better in a swiss pine bed.


The swiss pine is a local tree. Its positive qualities have been appreciated and used for centuries. There is proof that quality of sleep is better in a swiss pine bed. Improved recuperation during the night leads to a reduced heart frequency and a better functioning of the body during the day. The average “saving” in a swiss pine bed lies at 3,500 heart beats per day, approx. one hour work of the heart. In addition social extrovertedness is increased, you become more open and talkative. Further beneficial effects are the positive infuence on the vegetative nervous system and the anti-bacterial effect of the wood itself. The scented natural wood of the local swiss pine also gives the bedroom a pleasant cosiness.


But that’s not it in our rooms. Design and tradition have been combined in a special way to create rooms with a unique atmosphere between “rustic” and “trendy”.


Symbolism of runes

Runes are the oldest form of writing of the Germanic people. Without a doubt runes were connected to sacral and religious beliefs. Today runes are seen as signs with special powers. The rune “Men“, which is used in all rooms with swiss pine furnishings, exudes peace, strength, health and spiritual energy and protects from harmful and adverse influences.



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